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“FSTASFK represents all of those who are on the raceways, roadways, and video screens. We stand for who are enthusiasts. For those who dedicate their money, blood, sweat and heart into a machine. A machine with only purpose . . . to be FSTASFK!”



RSS Speedhunters

  • A Holden EJ Wagon Project Like No Other March 7, 2021
    Although not quite as extreme as the Dart – yet – the work-in-progress project I’ve got for you today is well on its way to becoming something very cool. The car is owned by my friend Ricky, who you might remember organized the photoshoot with the Dart in Jakarta. Although there’s a long way to go […]
    Rick Muda
  • The GT-Rs Of Attack March 6, 2021
    I put together this GT-R-centric feature not only because there were some seriously cool big-power builds among the RB and VR-powered Nissans competing, but also to reflect on how the numbers of these cars in Japanese time attack have dwindled over the years. Once upon a time, half the cars in the Tsukuba paddock would have been GT-Rs at a […]
    Dino Dalle Carbonare
  • Trying Not To Fall In Love With A Ferrari Testarossa… But Failing March 5, 2021
    I can resist the allure of a supercar badge pretty well. Driving a California T, even on the sunbaked roads around Maranello with the roof down, was rather disappointing no matter how hard the Ferrari badge tried. A rear-wheel drive Huracán on tarmac carved into a Scottish valley should have been breathtaking, but the charging bull […]
    Will Beaumont
  • Ebisu Circuit Needs Our Help March 4, 2021
    Almost 10 years on from the March 11, 2011 Tohoku earthquake that devastated northern parts of Japan, another strong quake hit. While most areas escaped damage, the same can’t be said for Ebisu Circuit and Tohoku Safari Park, both located up in the mountains above Nihonmatsu City. While the epicenter of the 7.3-magnitude quake was out […]
    Dino Dalle Carbonare
  • The Culture Of Rally Time Control March 3, 2021
    Behind, the public road has been left; the dawdling through towns and villages amongst everyday traffic is over. The road section, or touring stage, is a necessity, but it’s forgettable. This is not what rallying – at any level, club to WRC – is about; the real challenge is the special stage. A sinuous string of […]
    Cian Donnellan
  • Kei Attack: Size Doesn’t Matter At Tsukuba March 2, 2021
    Kei cars may look cute and unassuming, but make no mistake – the ones you see at Tsukuba for events like Attack represent the pinnacle of what can be done with these little 660cc packages. To prove my point, I spent a lot of my time at Attack Tsukuba 2021 two weekends back – see my […]
    Dino Dalle Carbonare

RSS Jalopnik

  • Sorry I'm Late, A Massive Deer Used My BMW As A Springboard March 6, 2021
    During the three years of high school in which he had to drive himself to class, my brother somehow amassed a ridiculous amount of car mishap stories. He lost a wheel. He lost a steering wheel. My personal favorite, though, is the one where he got hit by a deer. The thing came flying out […]
    Elizabeth Blackstock
  • The Big Texas Freeze Doesn't Bode Well For EV Infrastructure March 6, 2021
    When Winter Storm Uri swept through Texas, the whole state shut down. Electricity was hit-or-miss for several days, with certain areas of the state (read: lower-income areas) hit the hardest. And that doesn’t bode well for introducing electric vehicles on a wider scale.Read more...
    Elizabeth Blackstock
  • General Motors Customers Are As Loyal As They Get: Report March 6, 2021
    Where I grew up in rural Michigan, there were two big debates: Michigan vs. Michigan State, and Ford vs. General Motors. People were willing to fight to the death to defend their favorite college football team or their car company of choice. And it turn out GM fans are as loyal as they get.Read more...
    Elizabeth Blackstock
  • The New Jeep Wagoneer Reportedly Boasts An Amazon Fire TV March 6, 2021
    While we won’t know specifics about the new 2022 Jeep Wagoneer until its official launch on March 11, 2021, Autoweek has reported we can expect one thing: Amazon Fire TV screens integrated into the Uconnect infotainment system.Read more...
    Elizabeth Blackstock
  • NASCAR's Bristol Dirt Race Is Going To Be Absurdly Complicated March 6, 2021
    I was under the impression that NASCAR brought back a dirt track race in an effort to return to the glory days where racing was just a matter of showing up at the track and being quick, but it appears that I have misunderstood. The format for the dirt race at Bristol Motor Speedway on […]
    Elizabeth Blackstock
  • Men, It's Time To Do Better For The Women In Motorsport March 6, 2021
    Nicole LaRose was standing in the pits of New Smyrna with a team she had sponsored when a visibly intoxicated man approached and started talking to members of the crew. She was aware that the drunk man and the crew were laughing—probably about her—but she ignored it. You have to, when you’re a woman at […]
    Elizabeth Blackstock

FSTASFK 1K IG GIVEAWAY contest details: All contestants must register online at http://www.fstasfk.com and follow the @fstasfk Instagram page to be an eligible contestant. At the time of reaching 1k followers on the @fstasfk Instagram, within 30 days a winner will be electronically selected from the website entries and announced.  The prize consolation amount may vary based on the winner preferences of product, with a maximum amount of $500 in value towards a NOS, fogger system. We have the right to set the prize amount at time of announcement, refuse the consolation prize, and have the right to cancel the contest at any time prior to reaching 1k on Instagram.  For further details email fstasfkco@gmail.com


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