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“FSTASFK represents all of those who are on the raceways, roadways, and video screens. We stand for who are enthusiasts. For those who dedicate their money, blood, sweat and heart into a machine. A machine with only purpose . . . to be FSTASFK!”



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  • Building The Ultimate Lotus Sunbeam October 25, 2020
    For masters of procrastination, of which I am a skilled practitioner, that question can help you delay projects for years. The answer, regardless of the assignment, is always the same: anywhere, just start. The truly difficult question to answer is where to stop. It’s a question that Tolman Engineering, as well as Phil Shaw who […]
    Will Beaumont
  • Goodbye, Project GTI October 24, 2020
    That sounds unnecessarily ominous, as it still exists, just in someone else’s ownership. I had listed it for sale earlier in the year, but I didn’t have as much as a single view or enquiry on the car in months. I had actually taken the adverts down and was pretty happy to hold onto it for […]
    Paddy McGrath
  • Meet Estonia’s 1,500hp, 400km/h R32 Skyline GT-R October 23, 2020
    My relationship with the people behind this GT-R predates its existence. In 2005, I was hanging on automotive forums, visiting local street races, and car spotting. This is also the year that I changed schools and met my new Russian literature teacher, who drove a classic cherry red Lada 2101. This was no ordinary Žiguli though. Unbeknownst to me at the […]
    Vladimir Ljadov
  • What Makes A Honda, A Honda? October 22, 2020
    That’s an excerpt of Honda President Takahiro Hachigo’s speech on October 2nd, in which he announced the company would pull out of Formula 1. I should clarify, that’s from the most recent ‘we are no longer competing in F1′ announcement, not the one in 2008, nor 1992, nor 1968. Yes, we are watching Honda withdraw […]
    Blake Jones
  • Americana Meets VIP: A Cadillac Project Like No Other October 22, 2020
    It was in the hills of the Appalachian Mountains at the recent Riverside 5 Fall Meet, that a 1950 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan with character in spades stopped me in my tracks. A quick chat with its owner Nate revealed a story that might be familiar to anyone that has tried to buy a car from someone who doesn’t really have […]
    Keiron Berndt
  • The Airtimes Porsche Pre-Meet October 21, 2020
    Back at the end of August, these guys organised a whole weekend of Porsche fun. The main event was happening on Saturday, for which they had rented a local airfield to host the Onassis Airtimes show. Sadly, I was unable to attend this event, as I had already planned to head along to the Street Mag Show in Hannover. […]
    Bastien Bochmann

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  • Scott Dixon Takes Sixth IndyCar Series Championship At Season Finale October 25, 2020
    The 2020 IndyCar Series finale, the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, marked the 15th year in a row that the championship battle came down to the final race, but Chip Ganassi Racing’s Scott Dixon walked away champion.Read more…
    Elizabeth Blackstock
  • Over 25 Percent Of US EV Owners Install High-Voltage Chargers On Their Own October 25, 2020
    Are you confident enough in your DIY skills that you’d feel comfortable installing a high-voltage charging station in your home to maintain your electric vehicle? A recent survey shows that 25.5 percent of Americans that own an electric car with a Level 2 charger think they are.Read more…
    Elizabeth Blackstock
  • Here Are More NASCAR Driver Swaps You Missed This Week October 25, 2020
    It’s all happening. As the NASCAR season starts winding to a close, more and more drivers are announcing big moves. If you haven’t stayed on top of the news this week, don’t worry—we’ll get you caught up.Read more…
    Elizabeth Blackstock
  • How Bad Are The Drivers In Your State? This New Study Has An Answer October 25, 2020
    I’m fairly certain that everyone is convinced their state has the worst drivers. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Texas, and I’ve felt that each of those states had to be populated by the worst drivers in the world. I’ve driven across the country countless times and found myself thinking, yep, this state is…Read more…
    Elizabeth Blackstock
  • This New Electric Racing Series Sounds Like Formula E But With Road Cars October 25, 2020
    There’s yet another all-electric racing series coming to town. SuperCharge is a road car series with eight events planned for 2022. It aims to span Europe, the US, the Middle East, and China by bringing road-ready EVs to city streets across the globe. In a lot of ways, it sounds like Formula E’s compact utility…Read […]
    Elizabeth Blackstock
  • Lewis Hamilton Scores The Most Wins In Formula One History At 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix October 25, 2020
    To flesh out the 2020 Formula One season, The Powers That Be fleshed out empty weekends with tracks that have either never appeared in F1 before or haven’t been part of the calendar for years. Some have been fun, some have been boring—but whatever else happens, we need to keep Portimao on the calendar. And, […]
    Elizabeth Blackstock

FSTASFK 3K IG GIVEAWAY contest details: All contestants must register online at http://www.fstasfk.com and follow the @fstasfk Instagram page to be an eligible contestant. At the time of reaching 3k followers on the @fstasfk Instagram, within 30 days a winner will be electronically selected from the website entries and announced.  The prize consolation amount may vary based on the winner preferences of product, with a maximum amount of $500 in value. We have the right to set the prize amount at time of announcement, refuse the consolation prize, and have the right to cancel the contest at any time prior to reaching 3k on Instagram.  For further details email fstasfkco@gmail.com


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