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“FSTASFK represents all of those who are on the raceways, roadways, and video screens. We stand for who are enthusiasts. For those who dedicate their money, blood, sweat and heart into a machine. A machine with only purpose . . . to be FSTASFK!”



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  • The Culture Of Rally Time Control March 3, 2021
    Behind, the public road has been left; the dawdling through towns and villages amongst everyday traffic is over. The road section, or touring stage, is a necessity, but it’s forgettable. This is not what rallying – at any level, club to WRC – is about; the real challenge is the special stage. A sinuous string of […]
    Cian Donnellan
  • Kei Attack: Size Doesn’t Matter At Tsukuba March 2, 2021
    Kei cars may look cute and unassuming, but make no mistake – the ones you see at Tsukuba for events like Attack represent the pinnacle of what can be done with these little 660cc packages. To prove my point, I spent a lot of my time at Attack Tsukuba 2021 two weekends back – see my […]
    Dino Dalle Carbonare
  • Project bB: Breathe In, Breathe Out March 1, 2021
    Sure, if you’re working with a popular vehicle and engine base, and have access to a quality bolt-on turbo kit, the conversion is likely to be pretty straightforward. If you’re not, as I have been, it’s exponentially harder, and you’d be silly not to expect your fair share of mistakes and setbacks. There have been a few of […]
    Brad Lord
  • The Wildest Dodge Dart You’ll See Today February 28, 2021
    When my friend Ricky told me about the car I’m about to show you, so many questions popped right out of my head. First and foremost though, I needed to know if could shoot it. The car’s owner had left the unique creation in Ricky’s custody at his car detailing company Clean N’ Tidy in […]
    Rick Muda
  • He’s Back: Tyler Witte & The Great GC8 February 27, 2021
    Dirt roads, fresh snow, or even the odd rainy day. Many of us have been there – sideways. Whether you were able to drive it out in style, or you ended up faced the wrong way around in a ditch, for a split second you may have felt like an absolute hero. Gigi Galli move over. But […]
    Keiron Berndt
  • Gone In 5 Seconds: Breaking Records With A 3,500hp Small Block Ford V8 February 26, 2021
    ‘Resembles’ is a key word here, because clearly I’m showing you a dragster. Well, technically it’s a Doorslammer, which is very similar to a Pro Mod machine. Andres Arnover, owner of the Fast Ford Racing Team and driver of this Mustang is well known in European drag racing circles. The Estonian races all around the continent, and has previously competed in the USA. It […]
    Vladimir Ljadov

RSS Jalopnik

  • The 10 Best Deals of March 3, 2021 March 3, 2021
    Wednesday’s Best Deals | Kinja DealsRead more…
    Juliana Clark on Kinja Deals, shared by Ignacia to Jalopnik
  • This Seemingly Beat Up Dodge Caravan Hides A Fun Secret March 3, 2021
    I probably spend way too much time on online car auction sites looking at cars I can’t afford. Most recently I was looking at a sweet Kei fire engine and boat combo when I spotted a rough Dodge Caravan with a high bid for its condition. Why were people willing to pay so much for […]
    Mercedes Streeter
  • You Won't Regret Dropping Money on Today’s Best Amazon Deals March 3, 2021
    Top Pick: Aukey Smart Watch | $28 | Amazon | Clip couponRead more…
    Andrew Hayward on Roundups, shared by Ignacia to Jalopnik
  • A Car This Small Shouldn't Sound This Good March 3, 2021
    A few years ago, I saw this little Finnish Toyota Starlet run at the Mt. Washington hillclimb. I don’t think my ears have stopped ringing.Read more…
    Raphael Orlove
  • Jet Ski Scooters Are A Thing And They're Glorious March 3, 2021
    I love when enthusiasts get crafty with their vehicles. Wild RV builds often catch my eye, but motorcyclists also come up with some awesome modifications. A viral video recently tipped off the internet to fun-loving builders dropping personal watercraft shells onto their scooters. They are glorious.Read more…
    Mercedes Streeter
  • Nissan To Retrofit The Rouge After Dismal Two-Star Front Passenger Crash Rating March 3, 2021
    Nissan proudly touts its 2021 Nissan Rogue crossover as the ultimate family vehicle, with wide-opening back doors for wrangling kids and even a specific place in the rear-cargo area for transporting a gallon of milk. Unfortunately, the freshly redesigned Rogue is lacking the area that is usually number one on family…Read more…
    Erin Marquis

FSTASFK 3K IG GIVEAWAY contest details: All contestants must register online at http://www.fstasfk.com and follow the @fstasfk Instagram page to be an eligible contestant. At the time of reaching 3k followers on the @fstasfk Instagram, within 30 days a winner will be electronically selected from the website entries and announced.  The prize consolation amount may vary based on the winner preferences of product, with a maximum amount of $500 in value. We have the right to set the prize amount at time of announcement, refuse the consolation prize, and have the right to cancel the contest at any time prior to reaching 3k on Instagram.  For further details email fstasfkco@gmail.com


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