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“FSTASFK represents all of those who are on the raceways, roadways, and video screens. We stand for who are enthusiasts. For those who dedicate their money, blood, sweat and heart into a machine. A machine with only purpose . . . to be FSTASFK!”



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  • Does A Proper Sports Car Need To Be Manual? December 4, 2020
    Over the last couple of decades, many auto manufacturers have decided to make the choice for us, racing to develop the fastest-shifting dual-clutch transmissions. Then ZF hit back with their 8-speed torque converter, which seems to do 90% of what the best DCT gearboxes offer, but at a far lower cost, making them an obvious choice for use in premium vehicles. […]
    Dino Dalle Carbonare
  • The Off Time Meeeeting: An Event For Friends, By Friends December 3, 2020
    I find it fitting that the first organized meet that I’ve attended since COVID state of emergency restrictions were relaxed here in Japan resembled more of a gathering of friends than a big car show. Not that there is anything wrong with big shows of course. The huge crowds and diversity of builds provide countless […]
    Ron Celestine
  • IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER: 15 Reader Project Cars December 2, 2020
    We had an amazing response through the IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER program, and our thanks go out to everyone that submitted their project car – we looked at them all. Of course, there was no way they could all be included here, so we’ve selected 15 projects to share with you. Les Tuck – Nissan ‘Tsujigiri’ Leaf First up, we have a […]
  • NSX Sorcery: Carbon Fiber, Titanium & Boost December 1, 2020
    Have you ever wondered if there’s a certain pressure that comes with owning a vehicle that enthusiasts regard as iconic? Cars celebrated by the masses inherently carry with them an expectation that owners will uphold the vehicle’s reputation through the entirety of his or her possession. Should said key holder not toe the line, they will be subject to the […]
    Dave Thomas
  • GruppeM: Evolving Is An Art November 30, 2020
    At that time, one of my many editorial jobs was being the ‘man in Japan’ for the US publication AutoWeek, which was actually still a weekly back then. One of my assignments was to hunt out a company in Japan that was the official importer for K&N filters, which was also doing interesting things with tuning parts, […]
    Dino Dalle Carbonare
  • 10,000 Miles In A 700hp Subaru Legacy SEMA Build November 29, 2020
    Yes, you read that right… nearly 700 ponies at the wheels. But we’ll get to that shortly. First, let’s focus on Chris’s journey with the car, both metaphorically and literally. Chris’s initial purchase of the Legacy was fueled by what he is now most notably known for – automotive film productions. If his first name […]
    Naveed Yousufzai

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  • That Time Daihatsu Made A Better New Mini Than Mini December 4, 2020
    The original BMC Mini designed by Alec Issigonis was an absolute triumph of design and, arguably, set the template for the most common automotive layout used today: the transverse-engine, FWD layout. When BMW bought the rights to the Mini brand around 2000, it set out to make a modern version of this very influential…Read more…
    Jason Torchinsky
  • Uber Wants Dibs On Vaccine, Requests Priority Access For Its Drivers December 4, 2020
    Uber is appealing to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control this morning in an effort to have its drivers qualify for early vaccinations. The ride-hailing company is asking the CDC to designate its drivers as non-health essential workers, as reported by Reuters:Read more…
    José Rodríguez Jr.
  • Lego's Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Is The Latest Kit I Have To Buy Now December 4, 2020
    Lego has been absolutely killing it lately, seemingly adding a new and outstanding vehicle to its repertoire of rides every other week. Just a week ago, we were introduced to the #51 AF Corse Ferrari 488 GTE, joining the toymaker’s roster of GT cars of various makes and sizes. This week’s reveal, though, is a…Read […]
    Adam Ismail
  • What's The Worst Single Decision In The History Of The Auto Industry? December 4, 2020
    Automotive failures are weird. The process of designing, building and selling cars is enormously complex, and it’s incredibly uncommon that any outcome is the product of a single decision. BUT! There are some examples of absolutely catastrophic decisions, screw-ups so bad that they ended careers. Read more…
    Rory Carroll
  • Here’s What Lockdowns Do To Car Sales December 4, 2020
    I would not want to be a car dealer right now, as lockdowns shut things down as weather cools and cases spike. That and more in The Morning Shift for December 4, 2020.Read more…
    Raphael Orlove
  • 'I Can't Finish Like This' Romain Grosjean Says His Escape Was As Harrowing As It Looked December 4, 2020
    Romain Grosjean sat down with Sky Sports to narrate his fiery crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix. It was the first time Grosjean was interviewed by an English-language TV station about the wreck. His description of how everything went down is as terrifying as the footage made it seem. Read more…
    Erik Shilling

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